@korina Thank you.

I refer you to my reply to Gkikas LGPZ just now.

Your two replies avoid addressing my question. It tells us that there are more important matters - I accept that - and mentions 3D - a very exciting prospect, I agree‼️

But please try to answer my question and please do so without using phases that simply make it clear wind chill is less important than other things. We get that; you say that regularly.

Instead, try completing this sentence by replacing ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ in the sentence:-

"Windy has ‘X’ number of projects ahead of Wind Chill on its roadmap. Windy expects to start work on wind chill in ‘Y’ months and aims to deliver wind chill as a temperature beside the current temperature data in the year ‘Z’.

Go on, ask the team and have a go at that. It’s good business practice to take this more positive and committing approach to roadmap creation. Let us know the outcome please.

Good luck with all your work. I only take the time to reply at such length here because your work is important to very many people and organisations.... Oh and I love the Vendée 🌈