@Sandy-César said in Luisiana en estos momentos?:

Cuál es la situación del estado de Luisiana en estos momentos??

Hello @Sandy-César, we 'only' visualize weather forecast data, we don't create/edit them, nor comment on them.

You can check the Hurricane tracker to see the current position – https://www.windy.com/-Hurricane-tracker/hurricanes?gustAccu,26.254,-94.746,5

Our article on Zeta – https://www.windy.com/articles/tropical-storm-zeta-to-approach-yucatan-14129?gustAccu,18.709,-93.076,5,i:pressure

In the layer 'Wind Accumulation' you can see the forecasted path of Zeta but remember, that you should always check the local source for current warnings in the area if you live near the area affected by the event.