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Hi guys! As much as I was thrilled by your accurate forecasts in the past ( using ECMWF for Toronto, Canada, not other platforms/models, since GFS and NAM were more wrong than right always), sadly I have to conclude that you are becoming yet another average forecaster, in the sea of many, who are more wrong than correct. Today, again, ECMWF was TOTALLY wrong for Toronto. The forecast ECMWF called for so much rain, from 9am till about 9pm, with total of 8.8mm of rain. All we had were few drops of it, that's all. Not only that, but still, even now, at 5pm, according to your site we should be under rain and thunder, but the skies above and around me are CLEAR!
source: https://www.reddeeradvocate.com/news/severe-thunderstorm-watch-inottawa digital marketing-place-for-red-deer/
This has been happening for awhile.
So, should I stay or should I go, is the question...

It is expected the thunderstorm will develop as the day progresses, with a higher chance of stormy weather in the evening.

Poor weather will continue into Wednesday as roughly 20 millimetres of rain is expected.

Environment Canada is reminding locals to take cover when thunder rumbles.

“Remember, when thunder roars, go indoors! If you hear thunder, then lightning is close enough to be dangerous.”

Over the past few days, Alberta has seen a number of intense storms. To the south, heavy rain and tornado warnings have been issued.