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Hello, the subject on broadcasting data from a Davis station is already consulted, but none talks about the new weatherlink console which gives an API token for broadcasting, I have not understood or found how to broadcast this station, it is autonomous and there is no PC, it is connected to the internet, is this possible?

ou're right, the WeatherLink Console is a new offering from Davis Instruments that allows for data analysis and broadcasting without needing a PC. Here's how the API token might work for broadcasting data from your console:

Console Functionality: The WeatherLink Console itself is capable of storing and displaying weather data, but it likely relies on Davis's WeatherLink.com platform for advanced features like data broadcasting.

API Token: The API token you mentioned is probably used to connect your console to WeatherLink.com. This allows you to upload your station's data to the platform for further analysis, sharing, and potentially broadcasting.

Direct Broadcasting: While the console might not offer direct broadcasting functionality itself, WeatherLink.com might have options to set up data feeds or integrations with other services. Here's where the API token would come in - it authenticates your console and allows authorized data transfer.

Here's what you can do to explore broadcasting options:

WeatherLink.com Services: Check the WeatherLink.com website or user manuals for information on data broadcasting options. They might offer integrations with weather services, public weather databases, or even custom solutions using the API.
API Documentation: Look for API documentation on the Davis Instruments website or WeatherLink.com. This documentation should explain how to use the API token for data transfer and potentially integration with third-party services.
Additional points to consider:

Internet Connectivity: Ensure your WeatherLink Console is connected to the internet for data transmission and potential broadcasting functionalities.

Data Security: Using the API likely involves sending your weather data to external services. Make sure you understand the data privacy practices of any service you connect to.

If you're still unsure about broadcasting after exploring these steps, contacting Davis Instruments support or > helpdesk might be helpful. They can clarify the specific functionalities of the console and API related to data broadcasting.