@meteo-gr Sure. A very bright guy named Eric explained to me---in language that I can understand---that I was probably looking at old forecast models that were created before the overnight hours began. That makes perfect sense to me.
I should point that I'm an amateur weather buff that suffers from porphyria-induced neuropathy pain. The medication I take often makes my mind cloudy and my vision blurry. I would've responded to the first reply sooner (though Eric gave me his explanation yesterday) if I had known that the zoom feature on my Chrome browser was interfering with my ability to see your submit button.
I can see it now; but only if it's at 110%. As soon as I go back to my normal number of 150%, it disappears.
I still love looking at windy.com. The graphics are superb. And it's interesting to look at three different forecast models, among the various features of this weather web site.