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@rittels ...use your Radiosonde plugin daily - it is great stuff.

Would you/could you upgrade the plugin to allow multiple model traces be displayed within the one window?
I have photoshopped a sample image of the concept I had in mind.


Change the T and Td plots to a single color. I think most users of this product know which is which from the plot. Toggle on/off the model SkewT plot(s) to display Link the LFC/CCL/TCon lines to one model only - user choice.

OR alternatively,

Retain the Blue Td and Red T plots for the model chosen display the other selected "comparison" models as a single color (say dark grey for both T and Td plots). Give the user the option to display one or more "comparison" models. when selecting a different model, it replaces the previous model with blue/red Td/T plots and the replaced model reverts to Dark grey. LFC/CCL etc lines are linked to the main model (blue/red Td/T) plot only .

Fingers crossed you are feeling adventurous/motivated and are able to find some spare develoment time. Cheers :)