If you're online and trying to call up information that does not currently exist, or else is not presently available for Windy to display, Windy will put up a red error message-line (which annoyingly you have to click to remove - it should just time-out and go away after a few seconds) which incorrectly informs you that you appear to be "off-line". When it's really the data that you wanted that is off-line, or otherwise not in existence. It's often not the case, but occasionally it is you who's temporarily dropped off-line due to say an ISP glitch. Windy caches data locally, so you may not notice for a bit that you are off-line, until Windy tries to access data that it does not have cached yet, then you get this offline error-message. Plus the error-message bar is not too helpful in informing you what problem Windy is actually having. Sometimes the data is offline because of a server connection issue, or you're trying to use a location or a time (such as the past) in which data is not available. It's an area which could do with some work, IMO.